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It is hard to put into words, it is a feeling. When I signed my daughter up at Miss Autumn’s Dance Class many years ago, I never imagined how much it would change our lives! You have created an unconditional love and support for your students and families. And as parents, we have the privilege of witnessing the special meaning that dance has in our daughter’s life. A dream that we get to witness through hard work, tears, smiles and laughter. The studio is not just a place we go to, it has become a second home. It isn’t just about learning how to dance, it is about developing long lasting friendships, discipline, commitments, encouragement and confidence. We are, and forever will be, your Dance Family!!



Miss Autumn’s Dance Class is such a wonderful and uplifting studio! Our daughter has been attending for approximately 7 years. It has such an enriching and friendly environment. The students are gently encouraged to strive for greatness. We highly recommend this studio.

Christina Gholami


I am continually impressed by how well the teachers know each student. They know them well beyond just knowing their names. This creates a very supportive atmosphere. Each teacher is unique in their own way and all are very patient and kind.

Shayna Austin

Adult Student

It’s hard to put in words…it’s a feeling…you have created a beautiful world for our daughters…and as parents we have the privilege of peering into their special place, a place that we only dreamed of growing up

Elena Mack

Dance Mom

We have been coming to Miss Autumns for 3 years now and they have been amazing! The teachers are the best. Everyone is treated like family here from the moment you walk thru the door. Miss Autumn makes sure everyone feels comfortable and gets the best dancing experience. They put a lot of time and effort to have the most amazing shows at the end of the season. We hope to be part of this family for a very long time!

Teresa Kaspar

Dance Mom

My name is Carlye, and my daughter is a dancer here at Miss Autumns dance class. She is 7 years old and she is in her second year of Pre-Ballet with Ms. Aberdeen. Ever since my daughter was really young, she expressed an interest in dance. Since moving here to Quakertown, I researched dance classes around the area. We settled on Miss Autumns, and we are so thankful we did. As a parent, I love that my daughter is involved in something she loves. There are a ton of girls here, and the dance teachers know them all by name. They treat you like family, and they make every single girl here feel important. My child has become more social, which was a struggle for a while because Alessia is very shy. But being here at dance, she has made so many friends and has come out of her shell. One of the many things we look forward to is the end of the year performance. All the extremely gifted dance teachers put together a huge performance, and work with the girls on it for months. They have so much fun! After class is over and we go home, Alessia loves to show us the new moves she has learned for her performance. I can see my daughter truly loves attending class at Miss Autumns, and as a parent, that’s really all that matters to me. Looking forward to watching her dance talents grow in the years to come!

Carlye Tancredi

Dance Mom

My daughter has been going to Miss Autumn’s Dance Class for 9 years now. She has absolutely blossomed in her dancing abilities thanks to the staff there. While the dancers get technical and professional instruction, the atmosphere is that of a fun, loving family. Miss Autumn’s love for the kids and for what she does shows through in every aspect of her business. She and her staff’s dedication shows in the love the dancers have for the studio and through the stellar performances they put on after each year of hard work and planning. Whether your child will want to go on to study dance as a career or just found fulfillment in it as a passion, Miss Autumn’s Dance Class has room for everyone!

Heather Kulsicavage

Dance Mom

Our daughter has been dancing at Miss Autumn’s Dance Class since she was 9 years old. She is now in high school. Miss Autumn and her staff provide an environment that nurtures young ballerinas and also challenges more advanced dancers. We have enjoyed our experience at the studio. It has been a joy to watch our daughter’s confidence grow steadily! They have helped our daughter strengthen her skills and mature in her training. She has learned the appropriate techniques and had opportunities to develop as a performer. She has been encouraged to approach setbacks with courage and determination. These are great life lessons! Our daughter is very happy at the studio and has made strong, lasting friendships.

Michelle Lingle

Proud Dance Mom