Tap Class Quakertown

Always a favourite, tap dance continues to delight dancers and audiences alike. More versatile than you might believe, tap can be elegant and balletic or full of heart pounding adrenaline.

Not only that, tap is a great workout and the perfect way to work on your rhythm, coordination, musicality, and agility. Tap can also be a real feather in the hat if you or your child hope to explore music theater.

Tap Dance Class Quakertown

Class Information


Tap Beginner

Perfect for 9-11 year olds putting their taps on for the first time.

Tap is fun and energetic and an excellent way for your child to exercise and make friends while working with our experienced teachers.

Tap Intermediate

11-14 year olds can make the most of tap in this class whether or not they have tapped before.

Designed to develop the students’ strength and skill, tap Int. is a great class for anyone who loves to move.

Tap Advanced

14-18 year olds will refine their skills as tap dancers in this advanced class.

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