Ballet Class Quakertown

Ballet is one of the world’s most revered dance forms combining discipline and control to create beauty with the human form. There is also no better foundation for the future dancer than a grounding in ballet.

Ballet offers a strength, discipline, skill, and fortitude that can be translated to any other form of dance in a fashion that rarely works the other way! This means that ballet is challenging but also that that work is highly worthwhile and always a pleasure to learn.

Students who take ballet classes build self-control, body awareness and self discipline as they learn to master increasingly technical moves.

Ballet Class Quakertown

Class Information


Ballet 1 (Age 7-9)

Designed for 7-9 year olds, Ballet 1 is perfect for those coming from pre-ballet. 

Don’t worry if your child hasn’t done the pre-ballet program. Our teachers are experts at introducing the foundations of ballet to all students.

Ballet 2 (Age 10-12)

By 10-12 years old, students are ready to learn more discipline and push themselves further. 

Our teachers are there to support and encourage young dancers as they learn and grow.

Ballet 3 (Age 12+)

Students 12+  will really start to advance. At this level, they are expected to work hard and show discipline, though our teachers understand the nature of kids!

Any hard work and discipline they put in will shine through.

Advanced Ballet

At 14 and up, these are our senior students. Not only will they work hard, they will be role models for the younger classes.

Our students often gain almost as much through the experience of role modelling as they do through their extensive training.

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