Don't wait for her dream to begin. Start her now and

begin the beautiful journey that is dance.  

Every little girl dreams of dancing on pointe. It is a magical moment when you get your first pair. Years of hard work have been rewarded with a beautiful pair of pink pointe shoes. Now the real work begins...



Here at Dance Class, I take great care preparing each student to begin pointe. Every student is looked at individually. Every student is told what they must work on to get the approval to dance on pointe. Every student that desires to train on pointe, in her own time is successful in dancing on pointe. 

2415 John Fries Hwy. Quakertown, Pa. 18951
We are located on Rt. 663 between Commerce Blvd. and Mill Hill Rd.

Every student needs to be evaluated personally and very carefully. Each student will be ready at her own time. There are many factors that go into deciding if a student is ready to dance on pointe. ​​




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